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Study in Australia

Students across the world are choosing to study in Australia. Australia is becomming the most popular destination for nepalese students.


Benefits of study in Australia

Excellent Academic Programs

Universities of Australia provide many academic programs like nursing, engineering, biology, chemistry, zoology and wildlife, mathematics.

Scholarship options

Every year government of Australia provide many scholarship options for international students.

Work while you study in student

students are allowed to work upto 40hours every two week. You can work on full time during vacations.

Globally recognized certificate

Because of high quality of education systems all over the world recognize the degree of Australian university.

Research and Technology

Student will get knowledge of new technology. Student will get chance to involve in research areas.


Some of the Colleges our students are placed

  • Grand Academy
  • St.Peter's Institute
  • Perth College of Business and Technology
  • Western Institute of Technology Pty Ltd
  • Lloyds International College
  • Australian College of Information and Technology
  • Australian Academy of Management & Science
  • Australian Technical and Management College(ATMC)
    • Charles Darwin University
    • Federation University
    • University of Sunshinecoast
  • TAFE South Australia International
  • Royal Gurkhas Institute of Technology
  • Harward International College
  • University of Notre Dame
  • Gateway college (Sydney)
  • Envirotech International College
  • Dalton College (Melbourne)
  • Australian International Language college
  • Angad Australian Institute of Technology

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