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Student's Testimonials

I would like to thank Informatics Consultancy, Putalisadak for all the guidance and support. My search for good consultant end when I entered Informatics Consultancy. I was impressed with the humble and smiling staffs and their working style. The proper guidance in every phase of application is the major factor which helped me to proceed more conveniently.

I am grateful for Informatics Consultancy for helping me with my visa application. It was such a  tough case but you did not gave  up on me. Amazing team and heaps of thanks to the team who helped me in each and every steps of processing. Informatics has become like my family.

One of the best institutions for wide range of abroad study options, with humble and dedicated staff.

Initially I gave up my abroad studies program for few months after my IELTS having low band score. But after visiting Informatics Consultancy my dilemma about abroad studies is clear and good counseling has encourage me to do this. And the results are here I got my visa after couple of months of good guidance through Informatics Consultancy. Thank you for your support and inspiring time. Thank you Informatics team, and especially thank you Miss. Ritu Maharjan you are really a helpful and Ms. Rina Maharjan.

Heartily Thanks to all the Informatics family for making me to step on the future of success. Excellent service provider in KTM for abroad study. Thanks Informatics team for working so hard for my success to study in Australia with friendly environment to the entire students .Please visit Informatics Consultancy for future opportunities.

Visited so many consultancies and got so much mixed information; but in the long run, success is the outcome when you are in professional and friendly hands at Informatics Consultancy. Documentation and visa processing guidance in wonderful family environment. Thank you so much Informatics Team for all the serious efforts put by you! Thank you for allowing me to be a member of your family. I recommend all students to visit Informatics Consultancy once before taking any action on abroad studies.

One of the most excellent services providers in Kathmandu. Friendly environment and better place to visit for abroad study. Very satisfied from the services provided by Informatics Consultancy. Please do visit Informatics Consultancy for more informations and proper guidance.

One of the best consultants in Nepal. Staffs are so much friendly and kind to every student. Every day speaking extra class used to be wonderful and enjoyable. Office rooms and classroom are fantastic and I’m really impressed from their work. Thank you so much Informatics consultancy.

One of the best educational consultancies till date. Very friendly and supportive staff and customer service. It is more like a family committed to your success when you are stranded in your career paths. Definitely would recommend Informatics consultancy to everyone who is thinking of studying abroad.

I would like to thank Informatics Consultancy Pvt. Ltd for supporting throughout student visa to New Zealand.. It would be impossible without the support of the Informatics staff. I heartily like to thank you all staff for the entire help with proper guidance.

It is my privilege to suggest Informatics consultancy to all the potential students who are planning to study abroad, it is a crucial decision which must be made thorough research and consultation. I found Informatics consultancy as a best destination to consult for abroad study. No any confusion, no any delay. The proper assistance of modest people helped me to tackle all the difficulties while my processing at USA.

I am much fortunate now when I think of the past. As an academically sound student, even Bachelor of Science was not enough. I searched all over Putalisadak area for better consultancy then I found Informatics consultancy which is the outstanding education provider. Informatics Consultancy recognized my capability with a willingness to support. Informatics consultancy was the one who my hidden talent and lead my future 

I am privileged to see Informatics consultancy growing while at the same time receiving so much help for me to grow. I am pleased to see the number of students at Informatics consultancy more than in the past years. I would like to wish Informatics team for the best in upcoming future.

Students whom I see at Informatics consultancy, I feel them to be lucky as they are being served at Informatics consultancy and remain to be a part of company’s success story. Thanks a lot Team

I recommend to everyone who are planning to study abroad, without any reservation, to consult the counselors at Informatics consultancy about anything but related to abroad studies. If you are capable enough, Informatics consultancy is strong enough to make you succeed in gaining Scholarships. The one I have in New Zealand may you have next. For fee paying students, Informatics consultancy is yet another place with robust mechanism in place. No second thought is required as Informatics consultancy, to me and I believe the same holds true for all, a trusted partner. Informatics consultancy., may you grow ever and serve all receiving love from all in return!